What to Ask Your Prospective Roofing Contractor

Looking for the right contractor for your next roof repair or replacement can be difficult. But a successful project is all but guaranteed if you choose the best professional for the job. One online search can fetch a good number of roofers in your area. But you can only hire one. Here are some questions you should ask your candidate roofers to make sure you hire only the best.

Roofing Contractor

Do You Have Proper License and Insurances?

Any roofing job that a contractor takes is serious business. That’s why documents and paperwork proving their capabilities are a must. Make sure you look for contractors that possess the proper licenses to operate in your area, as well as insurance. These show that they are honest, trustworthy and trained to handle anything during the project. It also helps if they are willing to assist you in securing the permits necessary for your project.

Are You Willing to Meet Once a Week?

Connecting with people is easier thanks to the advancements in technology. Instant messaging and video chats make it faster and simpler to talk to people even if they cannot meet you in person. That’s why most contractors have very little excuse to skip out on communicating with you before or even during the project. This way, you can discuss the appropriate methods and if any changes are necessary. For example, you will need to discuss what material will be used for the roof replacement.

What References Can You Provide?

Having references is a must for any contractor. These are previous clients who have insight to how their operation works. Previous clients can give you an idea not just about whether your contractor of choice is worth hiring, but also of their methodology and workmanship.

Make sure they have reliable references you can contact. Afterwards, always ask these previous clients about the quality of the contractor’s work. Their feedback can help you understand your potential hires better and make it easier to cooperate and plan moving forward.

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