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It’s common practice to need  roof repair, replacement and installation over time. However, these are things that need to be done properly. That’s why a mistake can be troublesome for any roofing project. This will eventually become the cause of even more damage in the future, leading to costly corrections.

It’s best to know about some common roof installation mistakes, so you can avoid them. Pro Exteriors came up with this list to help you understand four of those issues.

1. Overlooking the Permit

Don’t ever forget about the permit. All roofing projects must be approved first before you start any work on them. Without a permit, you would either be fined or forced to tear off the newly installed roof. Our roofing company is glad to assist in obtaining the necessary permits.

2. Forgetting the Original Layer

Getting a roof replacement often requires tearing off the original layer of shingles. You can add new and stronger material that will last longer than the old material, and you can also inspect the underlying components. A common risk of simply installing over it is that the older, damaged material can still fail faster, but since there already is a new layer of shingles over it, this makes it harder to inspect and discover. While this is still possible, it’s best to tear off the old roof before installing the new material.

3. Having Improper Ventilation

Poorly ventilated roofs cannot adjust to varying temperature changes. Without the right amount of air circulation, your new shingles will fail quickly due to the excessive heat below. Your energy bill will rise because your home lacks energy efficiency to keep indoor temperatures comfortably stable. A  roof replacement or repair can help you fix or increase the number of vents in your home, should it be required.

4.  Hiring the Wrong Contractor

One of the biggest mistakes is hiring somebody with a poor record, which is common among inexperienced or unreliable roofers, like storm chasers. Always check if your contractors are trustworthy and licensed. Hiring local can ensure a successful project.

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