Video: Behind the Scenes of Asphalt Shingle Production

Video: Behind the Scenes of Asphalt Shingle Production

Asphalt shingles cover more sloped roofs in America than any other roofing product today. The homes in your neighborhood may look like they’re sporting wood shakes or slate shingles, but they’re most likely crowned by asphalt.

Contrary to popular belief, though, asphalt shingles aren’t entirely comprised of asphalt. The composition varies from brand to brand, but the manufacturing process is practically the same. To further understand how the most popular residential roof replacement product is made, Pro Exteriors goes behind the scenes of CertainTeed’s asphalt shingle production:

Making Filled Coating

The process begins with the crushing of limestone. Mills break it down, turning it into fine powder. Then, it’s combined with asphalt to make filled coating. Later on, the mixture is heated over 400°F, making it sticky enough to become a good base coating, to which surface materials would adhere.

Applying Asphalt

In the coater, the filled asphalt coating is applied to the top and bottom of unending rolls of fiberglass mat. Any experienced roofing company will tell you that even and thick distribution is critical to the success of this step.

Embedding Granules

To create granules, the machine mines, sizes and colors the rock colored with ceramic coating to ensure each one can preserve its color. In the granule applicator, the materials are fed onto the sheet of fiber mat while the coated surface is hot. Before embedding granules onto the other side of the sheet, a thin layer of sand is applied.

Removing Heat

As sheets loop through a series of rolls, a fine mist of water is sprayed on them. The evaporative effect of water helps them cool, letting the heat dissipate faster. When the mineral-surfaced rolls become completely dry with air, a strip of sealant is applied to protect the loose end. This makes the material more resistant to wind damage, decreasing the need for roof repair jobs throughout its life span.

Cutting Rolls Into Shingles

Afterward, the cutting machines trim the sheets based on the product’s specifications, producing individual shingles. Stacked, packed into bundles, and then wrapped and palletized, the shingles are then taken to storage units to await shipping.

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