Roof Maintenance: Why Take the Preventive Route?

There are two approaches to roof maintenance: preventive and reactive. The first one is all about preserving optimum conditions for the roofing system to remain structurally sound. The second, however, revolves around fixing components when they break.

Roof Maintenance: Why Take the Preventive Route?

Each option is attractive in its own way, but taking the preventive route is more beneficial on many levels. For Pro Exteriors, here’s why every good roofing company recommends scheduling professional inspections and repairs proactively:

Eliminating Threats

To prevent roof leaks, it’s imperative to stop hazards from causing destruction in the first place. Debris-ridden gutters, dirty shingles, cracked flashings and overhanging tree branches are some of the usual risk factors for leakage. Preventing any of them from developing can effectively keep your roof intact and weather-resistant.

Keeping Bad From Becoming Worse

In any ailing roof situation, the worst-case scenario is a major leak that apparently occurs out of nowhere. Failing to catch red flags indicating impending leakage too late will almost always lead to disaster. Routine professional inspections are the best way to stay on top of your system’s condition, uncover causes for concern and schedule roof repair projects urgently.

Avoiding Surprise Expenses

Worrying about your roof in your own time can actually save you money. Unlike when you’re reacting to active leaks, dealing with roofing problems with no time pressure lets you think clearly. In turn, you plan your budget properly and make a sound hiring decision.

After all, roofing projects should be a fair-weather job. Tackling them during storms can put you in desperation, causing you to take fewer precautions when choosing products and vetting roofers.

Preventing Insurance Claim Denial

When a storm ravages your system, adopting preventive maintenance can help you file a claim successfully with little stress. It’s easier to fight for your entitlement to get paid for roof replacement when you have proof that you didn’t neglect it.

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