4 Parts of the Roofing System Homeowners Should Know About

Your roof is made up of a lot more than just the shingles; as a matter of fact, your roof’s integrity depends on all of its different parts working together. Understanding these parts will allow you to care for your system better. Pro Exteriors, the leading local roofing company, discusses some of those parts:

Roofing System Homeowners


The underlayment serves as a waterproofing barrier that provides a smooth and even surface for application. It also acts as a second layer of protection for your roofing system. Note, however, that different roofing materials require different underlayment materials, as well.


Flashings on a roof are the metal pieces used to redirect water from places where they might collect. Flashing comes in a variety of materials, depending on your need. You can choose from copper, galvanized alloy, lead-coated copper, or stainless steel. To select the best one for your home, consult a roof replacement expert like Pro Exteriors.


Shingles are the outer layer of your roof and serve as your home’s first line of defense against the harsh effects of the weather. Which is why if you notice any loose or missing shingles you should  turn to a professional for emergency roof repairs. Shingles are visible from the curb, so you should choose ones that can highlight your home’s architecture and boost its curb appeal.

Finishing Shingles 

The finishing shingles help protect your roof’s seams and edges. The ridge cap that seals your roof’s ridges is an example of this. You can count on Pro Exteriors to install high-quality ridge caps that match your shingles for a uniform look.

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