3 Ways to Keep Your Roof Replacement Stress-Free

When it comes to roof replacement it’s not enough to simply choose and install a superior roofing system; it is equally important to work with a professional roofing company. After all, a roof replacement is an important investment and you should not settle for subpar results. One of the things you should avoid during a replacement is delays. Not only do delays cause stress, but they can also cause you to go over budget.

Roof Replacement

At Pro Exteriors, the premier roofing company, we undergo continuous training to stay updated on the latest roofing installation practices. By doing so, we can ensure a smooth, delay-free roofing project. Here are ways you can help achieve a stress-free project:

Don’t Skip the Roof Permit

A permit is usually needed to install a new roof and failure to obtain one will make you liable for various ramifications like costly fines or even the forced removal of your new roof. While homeowners are usually unaware of the technicalities when it comes to home improvement projects, our team at Pro Exteriors will handle every detail of your project to ensure success.

Prioritize Attic Ventilation

Your roofing system is more than the visible shingles you see. It’s made up of different components working together to keep your home protected. One of those components is proper attic ventilation. This is essential in keeping your roof in top shape and without it, your roofing shingles may wear out faster, causing your energy expenses to rise. Make sure to factor in attic ventilation when planning your roof replacement, to ensure lasting performance.

Ensure Correct Installation

Roofing manufacturers often have specific regulations on how their roofing products must be installed. Minor items, like the number of nails per shingle, determine whether the manufacturer will stand behind the warranty should the roof encounter premature failure. As an experienced roofer, our installation team is familiar with these specifications and can provide a flawless installation.

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