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Fixing your own roof may seem doable, but it’s more complicated than it looks. Even if you take pride in your DIY skills, it’s best to leave the job to a qualified roofer. This is especially true when your city, county, or state government has licensing requirements in place for professionals.

Here’s why it’s smart and practical to hire a reliable roofing company than to do it yourself:

Staying Out of Harm’s Way

Roofing projects are all perilous by nature. The job may be small in scope, but the hazards involved in it are always huge. You may know your way around a ladder, but it’s not worth doing because you can actually fall from a high height.

Ensuring Competence

Applying new shingles or installing new pieces of flashing requires expertise. Without adequate experience, proper equipment and formal training, the odds of botching the job is high.

Keeping Product Warranty Valid

In roof replacement and repair projects, flawless workmanship is a non-negotiable requirement for warranty coverage. If you don’t do the installation right, the manufacturer may refuse to reimburse the cost to fix any defect to the product.

Complying with Insurance Policy

When insurance policy doesn’t cover DIY home repairs, you can still try to fix your own roofing system at your own risk. If you fail and file a claim someday, don’t be surprised to get rejected.

Securing Necessary Permits

Hiring a licensed roof repair professional spares you the hassle of pulling the necessary permits yourself. In addition to convenience, letting a qualified professional do it won’t make you responsible for the job. In turn, any workmanship error or building code non-compliance can’t be used against you.

Having the Government as an Ally

In case you have a disagreement with your licensed roofer, you can take advantage of any government-backed dispute resolution program for disgruntled consumers. If you do your part by hiring the right professional, the authorities can be a powerful friend to have.

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