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Roofing projects don’t take forever and they usually finish relatively faster than other major home improvement project. By definition, they’re less stressful to deal with. However, they can be harder to get through without adequate planning. You should prepare your home for construction to minimize workplace hazards and keep your belongings in one piece at the same time.

Pro Exteriors shares seven tips to ready your home for a roof repair or replacement project:

Free Up Parking Space

If you’re serious about getting things done quicker and preventing accidents, don’t make the crew park far from your home. Their truck contains a ton of supplies and bulky pieces of equipment, which can be difficult to move with great distances to cover. Since proximity simplifies logistics, giving up your prime parking space is only a small sacrifice to observe efficiency and safety during the job.

Clear the Wall

Power tools produce vibrations that can reach interior walls from the roof. This is especially true when the installation of new rafters and decking boards is in order. Remove all decorations hanging from the ceiling or walls temporarily to keep them from getting broken.

Protect Attic Items

When planning a roof replacement, it’s imperative to cover anything stored in the attic if you’re unable to move them elsewhere. Otherwise, they can get buried with dust and debris.

Declutter the Yard

Provide as much clearance outside as possible. Transfer movable outdoor ornaments, particularly patio furniture, to any place where they can’t obstruct the traffic.

Cut Pesky Branches

It’s a must to protect your shrubbery during the project, but you can make an exception for overhanging tree branches. They make material removal and installation extra challenging. Also, trim the grass to make it easier to spot hazardous construction leftovers like nails.

Relocate Any Antenna or Satellite Dish

As with overly long branches, any antenna or satellite dish must be off your roof prior to the actual project. Call your TV provider to move the object as early as possible. This way, your roofing company can stay on schedule and you can return to your daily routine as soon as possible.

Make Electrical Outlets Available

Lend the nearest electrical outlets to the crew. The more accessible they are, the less likely they will need to use extension cords, which are always a tripping hazard.

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