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Some residential roofs look more complicated than others, but fundamentally, they’re the same. They share components that play unique yet equally important roles, which make the roofing system run like a well-oiled machine.

If you ask an experienced roof repair and replacement specialist like Pro Exteriors, here are the parts of a typical sloped roofing system outside shingles:


They comprise the supporting framework of your roof. Depending on how they’re installed, they dictate the amount of weight your roofing system can bear. A single framing defect can lead to drooping.

Decking Boards

Nailed directly onto the rafters, they provide a clean, flat surface on which everything is laid. Collectively known as the sheathing, they form the foundation of the roof.


This skin of protection blankets bare sheathing, shielding it from wind-driven rain. It can self-adhere to nails to keep leakage to a minimum. Rubberized asphalt and synthetic are two of the most popular underlayment materials.


These thin pieces of metal exist for one main reason: to protect leak-prone areas from rainwater. They come in different forms, allowing them to adapt to the location of the section they’re tasked to protect. Since some metals are lethal to blue-green algae, a roofing company might suggest they help prevent discoloration.

Fascia Boards and Soffits

The former are horizontal pieces attached to the edge of the roof while the latter are the pieces that connect them to the siding. Both are designed to keep the elements at bay, but they play vital, independent roles. The fascia boards hold gutters and downspouts in place and the soffits often act as intake vents.

Gutters and Downspouts

They’re responsible for proper drainage. Without them, your roof replacement specialist warns that rainwater can easily pool near the foundations and damage landscaping.

Ridge Vents

Installed at the peak of the roof, they help breathe out excess heat and moisture in the attic. Compared to gable vents, many experts consider them more efficient because they optimize natural convection and provide a bigger escape route for warm air.

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