Why client reviews are important for Homeowners

When it comes to the roofing system you choose for your home, nothing is more important than its installation. After all, your roof’s performance will largely depend on the quality of its installation. With the number of contractors out there promising the best, how do you know which one actually delivers? The answer is client reviews. Pro Exteriors, the leading roofing company, explains more:

Importance of Reviews

Client reviews are where homeowners can freely speak their mind about the service they received, without being filtered by the company. This means you can have an accurate representation of the kind of service a client received, helping you decide whether you want to work with the said contractor or not.

Reviews are also a way for homeowners to complain about a specific service. For major projects like a roof replacement, for example, a simple mistake in installation can cost the homeowner a lot in repairs.  Naturally, the homeowner would want to avoid this and raise the issue with the company by writing a review. This is an opportunity for contractors to quickly address customer concerns. By reading through these, you can gauge a contractor’s commitment to customer service by how they handle complaints.

Our Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are proof of the superior service we have been providing homeowners for years. Here are what some of our clients have to say:

“Morgan (Field Superintendent), Wayne and Ronnie performed their work responsibilities in a very professional and caring manner. In today’s construction business environment it is difficult to find a company that is dependable, pays attention to detail and maintains a high level of quality workmanship. I am pleased to say that in selecting ProExteriors all of my expectations were met. I do plan on using them for additional work.”

“Aside from some weather delays, the work was done…expertly with great attention to detail. The work area was left neatly every day. In addition to keeping me informed of any issues…I was able to ask questions about what was being done and why. Morgan was very pleasant, courteous and an absolute workhorse. I was more than satisfied with the end product.”

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