Best siding material for costal climates

The temperature and level of moisture in the environment directly impact the extent of corrosion around your home. You must understand the effects that moisture and temperature levels cause. When extreme conditions of wind, cold, rain, and heat consistently hit your home, it could make the siding shrink, warp, crack, fall off or even fade. These conditions are more pronounced if your home is located in a coastal climate. 

Here are some top options of siding materials befitting coastal areas that can work more suitably for your home:


Aluminum siding is an option with minimal costs that can be suitable if your budget is low. Homeowners sometimes avoid aluminum because it produces noise and has a non-aesthetic cookie-cutter appearance. However, it is a viable option because it is resistant to decay, warp, rot, and cracks.


Apart from the aesthetic appearance brick siding gives your home, brick siding is very suitable for coastal climates. This is because brick is heat-resistant and non-combustible. It is durable against the wind and costs little to maintain. The downsides of aluminum are its high costs and how it is likely to suffer from seismic activity.


 Stucco siding is an excellent option for areas that experience intense sunlight, heavy rain, and strong winds frequently. It is not noisy like aluminum, and it is not susceptible to insect or mold damage. However, it can be expensive budget-wise. Stucco siding can also require a lot of maintenance for it to retain a long-lasting quality.

Vinyl and Fiber Cement

Using vinyl siding for your coastal home gives advantages of low cost, durability, and low maintenance cost. However, depending on the intensity of the climate weather, vinyl may crack under or warp, so it’s important to work with a trusted siding contractor. It is more suitable for a moderate coastal climate environment. Fiber cement is also a very durable option for your home’s siding in a coastal climate. It is resistant to mold, warping, and rotting.


Deciding the best material for your home’s siding can be a dicey task when you live in a coastal climate. However, it is best to choose from the most effective options according to your budget. The intensity of the climate elements in your area will also play a prominent role in the choice of siding material you make. The best decision requires the aid of experts who can advise you and give you quality materials. Contact Pro Exteriors to install new vinyl or fiber-cement siding.

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