The Main Components of a Roof

You may be familiar with the terms “shingles”, “pitch” and “insulation.” That’s because these are just some of the different components of a roof. Every roofing company repairs and maintains each part, in case one of them breaks or malfunctions. By learning how they work, you can also inspect and spot any signs of trouble before they become worse. Here are the main components and their common problems.

The Main Components of a Roof


The topmost layer of your entire roof is composed of the shingles. It is the first line of defense against external damage. This is what keeps rain, snow and sunlight from affecting the interior of your home. If any of these shingles break or fall off, it can lead to leaks forming. You might also get a higher energy bill, since more heat enters and your cooling system will have to compensate.


The underlayment is a water-resistant sheet designed to keep moisture from attacking the wooden frame. It is placed beneath the shingles, and is a backup if any of these fail. When the underlayment is damaged, small leaks and holes can form. Check for any light piercing through the attic before calling for roof repair.


Flashings are thin, metal sheets that cover intersections of the roof. They keep moisture from entering the wooden frame. Since the flashing is a protective measure, any damage to it can lead to water getting in. This can result in wood rot and even dark stains on your ceiling or interior walls.


While the gutters are a separate system, they are connected directly to the roof system. This is because the gutters drain rainwater, keeping it away from the foundation or the walls. Debris can pile up throughout the gutter system, causing a blockage that makes water pool overhead. This should be cleaned, or you risk damaging it, which may necessitate roof replacement.

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