Roof Penetration Requirements

For homes with fireplaces, a chimney jutting out of the roof is an expected sight. A chimney is known as a roof penetration. Other penetrations include vents and skylights. You don’t simply make a hole in your roof for such things; there are some requirements, as any roofing company will tell you. Pro Exteriors discusses those requirements in this post.

Roof Penetration Requirements


One of the biggest requirements when it comes to installing a roof penetration is the flashing. Flashings prevent water from seeping in through the area around the penetration, causing all sorts of problems beginning with water damage. There are different types of flashing materials. Your builder can recommend the best type that will work with your penetration, but it’s usually the same material used for your other roof flashings.


When it comes to chimney installations, there’s a certain height requirement builders must adhere to; a chimney should have a minimum of three feet on its shortest side and at least two feet away from any part of the roof. Otherwise, roof repair and replacement companies are likely to advise you to rethink your penetration. This doesn’t always apply to all penetrations, however, such as vents and skylights.

Thorough Inspections

One of the most basic requirements in roof penetration is a thorough inspection by a roofing pro. A thorough inspection ensures all your bases are covered. Your contractor may spot something amiss, as well; for instance, while building the penetration they might find leaks in your roof that have to be addressed first.

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