Prepare Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

Spring is the time when families start heading back outdoors after a long cold season. Backyard lunches, patio dinners, and outdoor parties are once again in high gear as the weather warms up. Having a home exterior that reflects the season is fitting, and that means giving it some maintenance to ring in the new season. Sprucing up your home’s exterior by cleaning, repairing, renovating, and boosting the curb appeal can help you to prepare for spring. Check out some of these useful tips that you can apply to prepare your home’s exterior this spring.

Give Your Exterior a Thorough Cleaning

The winter season can be brutal and your home’s exterior is exposed to the elements. This can cause an accumulation of dirt on walls, damage to windows and doors, and even a weakening of your roofing. A thorough cleaning can add new life to your home’s exterior by removing unsightly dirt and stains. It will improve the visual appeal of your home, boost curb appeal, and also improve the longevity of the exterior. It’s probably best to start the cleaning from top to bottom, beginning with the roof where leaves and twigs can build up. Make your way down the gutters, being careful not to forget the downspouts. Windows and doors, as well as their screens, may also need a good cleaning to remove dirt. Gates, garage door and accompanying tracks, and driveways should also get some TLC.

Make Necessary Outdoor Repairs

Spring has a way of exposing issues with a home that needs repair because the snow has melted and the environment seems a lot more clear. Assess your home’s exterior and identify problems that need to be fixed and get on them. The sooner you remedy problem areas, the less the chance of expensive repairs or replacement. Check things such as roofing, gutters, wooden fences and gates, outdoor furniture, and the mailbox. Roof shingles and gutters, for example, could become damaged from excess snow and ice dams during the winter. Damaged roofing could lead to leakage and water damage. All necessary outdoor repairs should be done to keep your exterior looking great.

Replace Roof and Siding

While you’d like your roof and siding to last forever, both come with a lifespan and depending on maintenance, you’ll get more or less out of them. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof or siding, spring is a great time to get the installation done. You’ll be doing wonders for your home with a new roof or siding, both of which can improve the value of your home. You’ll boost the physical appearance of your home and make a good impression on neighbors and home buyers if you’ll be putting your home on the market. More importantly, with a roof or siding replacement, you’ll be protecting your home, your family, and your belongings.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Boosting your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank as a few simple upgrades could be all you need to make a statement. A fresh coat of paint can work magic to refresh your walls, just as how an application of a new stain to an entry door can easily refinish it. How about getting new door handles or a door knocker? Think of how you can make the exterior more inviting and warmer with the addition of potted plants or flowers at the front entry steps. Getting new outdoor light fixtures, like carriage lights, can also help to enhance curb appeal.

Do Some Landscaping

Your yard can take a beating during the winter when the cold temperature is harsh on plants that become damaged or dies altogether. Heavy snow tends to weigh down tree limbs and cause breakage if it cannot withstand the pressure. At the end of winter, your yard may look messy and far from appealing. Prepare for spring by doing some landscaping to get your yard replenished. Tend to the flower bed by getting rid of dead plants, replenishing the soil, and introducing new plants and flowers. Remove torn-down branches from your yard and regain luster to your lawn.

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