How snow can impact your roof

Every day, people rely on their roofs to protect themselves and their homes from harsh weather conditions.  This is especially true during the colder months when inclement weather can be ready to strike at any moment.  Winter is one of the harshest seasons on a roof.  Snow and ice can have a long term impact on your roof’s longevity. 

To keep your roof in good shape for years to come, it is helpful to understand how snow and ice can affect your roof’s structural integrity. 

Common Impacts of Snow & Ice To a Roof

Snow and ice on your roof can be detrimental over the course of a single winter.  Older roofs are susceptible to winter weather, as decades of snow and ice can take a toll on tier structure.  It is important to know how harsh winter conditions can affect your roof.  


When something puts external pressure on a stationary object, the object experiences stress.  Snow may seem fluffy and soft but when it is piled up it can bring some serious weight.  The heavy force as snow accumulates is one of the most common impacts of snow on a roof.  Your roof can end up sagging in areas, causing water damage, leaks, or even worse case scenario a cave-in.  

Ice Dams 

Ice dams occur when the warm air seeping from the edges of your roof causes the snow near the edge or gutters to melt.  The melted snow then freezes causing a barrier, or a dam of ice to form.  An ice dam can stop water from leaking your roof causing it to find its way under shingles and into your home.  


Snow is actually the leading culprit in causing leaks, not the rainy spring months or even the summer months.  During the winter snow can find its way on top or between shingles waiting to freeze as the temperature drops.  Once water unfreezes it seeps deeper into your home just waiting for you to notice it.  

Freeze & Thaw 

People that live in an area with cold weather understand how damaging the freeze and thaw cycle can be.  As water seeps into cracks in your shingles this water freezes due to the cold weather and expands creating holes in your roof.  This can amplify any small holes or cracks you may already have on your roof.  

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