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Although siding is not the first thing that homeowners think of when looking to spruce up their home it does play a big role in your home’s durability.  Siding can help keep your home protected from the outside elements.   If your home siding is worn down it may be allowing precious cold air to escape your home during the hot summer days.  Installing new siding especially if it is high quality, insulated, and professionally installed can bring many benefits to your home.  

Energy Efficiency 

When it comes to siding, making sure that you have proper insulated siding will make the difference in keeping your home cooler in the summer months.  When you have your siding installed correctly by an expert it will keep more money in your pocket as it prevents the loss of your climate controlled air.  At Pro Exterior we use high quality James Hardie and CertainTeed siding.  Leaving you in relief of not having to battle the thermostat to keep your home comfortable.  

Cost Saving 

The year round benefit of insulated siding will impact your wallet for the best.  Keeping your heat inside the house during the cold months and keeping the cold air from leaking out in the warmer months.  This will prove dividends to your units that have to work less overtime providing them with a longer life span.  Saving you from costly repairs or replacements.  

Reduced Noise

Reduced noise transmission into and out of your home.  No more waking up to your neighbor mowing their lawn at 6 AM.  You will be able to feel the relief of your home returning to peace and quiet. No more worrying about disturbing your neighbors when it’s time to celebrate either.    To feel the full benefits of insulated siding it is important to get it installed by a professional team to reduce stress, time, and errors.  

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