Roofing Villages Red Mill Pond

Villages Red Mill Pond, Lewes
Population: 591 residents
Average age: 58 years old *
Homeowners: 82%
* Average age of homeowners
U.S. Census 2010
Villages Red Mill Pond’s 2020 Neighborhood Favorites
The votes have been tallied and the winners are in. Villages Red Mill Pond neighbors selected these businesses as their Neighborhood Favorites for 2020.
Professional Service Pro
TD Bank
34980 Midway Outlet Dr
Professional Service Pro
M&T Bank
32547 Lewes Georgetown Hwy
Burger Spot
228 Rehoboth Ave
Burger Spot
Crooked Hammock Brewery
36707 Crooked Hammock Way

Address: 32065 Deerwood Lane, Lewes, DE 19958
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM · More hoursSunday 10AM–5PMMonday10AM–5PM Tuesday10AM–5PM Wednesday 0AM–5PM Thursday 10AM–5PM Friday 10AM–5PM Saturday 10AM–5PM Suggest an editThanks for your feedback.Your responses help to improve the Google Search experience.Note: Your feedback won’t directly influence the ranking of any single page.Learn moreDoneUnable to add this file. Please check that it is a valid photo.HoursK. Hovnanian Homes The Villages at Red Mill Pond 10AM–5PM Sunday 10AM–5PM Monday 10AM–5PM Tuesday 10AM–5PM Wednesday 10AM–5PM Thursday 10AM–5PM Friday 10AM–5PM Saturday 10AM–5PM Red Mill Pond dock 6AM–8PM Sunday 6AM–8PM Monday 6AM–8PM Tuesday 6AM–8PM Wednesday 6AM–8PM Thursday 6AM–8PM Friday 6AM–8PM Saturday 6AM–8PM

K. Hovnanian Homes The Villages at Red Mill Pond
Place ID: ChIJe0Jnw-C4uIkRrvFXesmQ7MI

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