4 Signs Your Current Roofing System Needs Replacement

Your roof is a vital component of your home. Any damage to the system can have a ripple effect on your home’s structural integrity and security. When the material has already deteriorated, it’s a smart move to get in touch with a reputable roofing company to replace your roof.4 Signs Your Current Roofing System Needs Replacement

It may seem easy on paper, but being aware of when to replace your roof is harder than it sounds. Today, Pro Exteriors lists four signs that tell you when your roof has surpassed its service life and needs replacement.

1. Old Age

In the U.S., asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing material. This material, however, is only expected to last for up to 20 to 30 years. When the roof exceeds that timeframe, it may start to show problems. You may not be able to spot the issues right away, but a professional can help you determine how much longer before they become undeniable and costly.

2. Curling Shingles

Shingles curl in one of two ways: cupping or clawing. Cupping shows the tips of the shingles turning upward. Clawing is when the edges remain flat but the middle part has a bloated look to it. Set up an appointment with a professional to address this issue.

3. Missing Shingles

Your roof is a very visible feature of your home and when patches of shingles don’t match, they can be an eyesore. Because of this, the overall aesthetics of your home takes a hit. Most people choose a roof replacement when their system starts to resemble a checkerboard.

4. Shingle Granules

It’s understandable to see granules in your gutters when your roofing system is newly installed. However, seeing them (especially if there’s more than normal) in the gutters and the downspouts several years later can be alarming. That’s because the granules keep the sun off the asphalt. When the granules start to fall off, your roofing system is already halfway through its life span.

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