The Do’s and Don’ts of Roof Maintenance

Every day, the roof goes through a lot and accumulates quite a bit of dirt and damage over time. It needs to be cleaned regularly in order to continue functioning optimally. However, just washing it over isn’t enough. There are key do’s and don’ts advised by your local roofing company when it comes to proper roof maintenance.

The Do's and Don’ts of Roof Maintenance

DO: Trim the Trees Overhead

Tree branches can grow far enough to extend over the top of your home. This is dangerous, because it can make cleaning a chore. The branches can sway with the wind, scratching your shingles. Branches can break and fall down, potentially damaging the shingles. It can even lose leaves or sticks, which can block the gutter drain. Make sure to trim these overhead branches before you start washing dirt off it.

DON’T: Walk on the Roof

There’s a reason why special equipment is used for roof replacement. Workers use it to hold themselves up, in case the roof is too weak to support them. If there is any sign of damage, walking on top can be dangerous, break the system and even harm you.

DO: Check the Insulation

The insulation keeps the heat down. It’s a barrier of foam or other heat-resistant material shielding the rest of your home from the heat emanating from your rooftop. With the right insulation, you can enjoy a well-ventilated roof. You also reduce the risk of ice dams forming, and decrease the energy bill. Make sure you inspect the insulating layer and be ready to replace it if needed.

DON’T: Attempt DIY Fixes

When your roof is damaged, it needs the right care and attention. However, some homeowners have attempted to fix it through DIY. Remember that those licensed to fix roofs have spent years in training, work and guidance. If you need roof repair, make sure to contact a trained professional. As a licensed expert, Pro Exteriors will provide the best care for your roof. We’ve got the experience and the paperwork you can expect only from a seasoned contractor.

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