How to Prepare Your Deck for the Fall

It is now officially fall according to all of our calendars. During this time of year, so much begins to change. The leaves change colors from green to vibrant red, yellow, orange, and purple. However, it’s not just the leaves that change, so does the weather. From bright blue skies with shining suns to dull grey clouds with frigid winds. With so much changing at once it’s hard to remember what areas of your home need to be thoroughly checked. Luckily in this post, we will go over the many ways to prepare your home for the fall. Specifically how to better prepare your deck for the fall and winter months ahead.

Inspect Your Deck

Throughout the summer months, we utilize our deck space the most. This can lead to a large amount of negligence on our end. That is why it is so important to do a thorough inspection of your deck before you start any type of preparation. Make sure there is no decay occurring or mold developing on your deck. An important area to check is part of the deck that is connected to the home also known as a ledger. This area of your deck is extremely important because it holds much of its structural integrity. From there you should check the joists, railings, and hardware of the deck for any corrosion or insect damage. Having a licensed contractor inspecting your deck is always the ideal situation. However, if you decide to inspect your own deck make sure to do it thoroughly.

Clean your deck

After everything is made sure to be tightly secure the next critical step is to clean your deck. This may seem small but it gives huge benefits to your deck. Make sure there is no debris on or between the seams of your deck. Check the gutters that hang over your deck for any clogging to prevent any water damage in the future. Leaving debris such as leaves can promote mold and mildew to grow on the surface of your deck. Clean any stains on your deck or have a professional come do it for you. Doing this step will help increase your deck’s durability and appearance.

Protect your deck

In order to help your deck thrive during the fall and winter try out a water-repellent sealant. This will allow your deck to repel more moisture caused by rain, snow, and ice. Moisture can cause warping, cracking, and splitting of your wood as the weather gets colder. Also, check around your deck for any overhanging branches or bushes that may harm your deck. As the season changes foliage begins to die and increases the likelihood of a branch falling and harming your deck.

Pro Exteriors

If you follow all the steps above then by spring time your deck should be looking just as good as it did last year. If you’re still not sure how to go about the preparation and you live in the Deleware area feel free to give us a call or use our contact form.

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