Author name: Aaron Rogers

Corrosion and How It Affects Your Metal Roof

It’s a well-known fact that things fade over time. Nothing lasts forever and eventually, a certain element will need replacing because of the damage time and the elements inflicted upon it. Of course, a roof is no exception to this rule as roofs corrode over time with little to no hope of roof repair.

4 Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials

Improving your home’s fire safety is a good investment. It helps upgrade your home’s UL fire rating and it can give you long-term peace of mind. This is why you should consider fire-resistant materials for your next roof replacement project. Pro Exteriors recommends the following materials:

Ways to Match Roof Color with Home Interior

A roof replacement is the perfect opportunity to try something new with the color of your house. The process, however, may get overwhelming, especially with the thousands of color options to choose from. Fortunately, Pro Exteriors is here to help you make a wise choice with our tips on matching your roof color.

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