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Wood as a building material is as old as time; yet, it’s still fashionable in the 21st century. It’s not without drawbacks, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who totally dislikes it. Despite the emergence of new materials, it’s amazing how its wide popularity continues to hold up.

Why invest your home improvement dollars in wood? Any savvy window, decking, or roofing company, like Pro Exteriors, will highlight these six, wonderful qualities:

  1. Old-World Charm

The beauty of genuine wood is indisputable and universal. Traditionalists love its enchanting warmth, while modernists adore its ability to lend a sense of eclecticism to contemporary home designs.

  1. Graceful Aging

Discerning homeowners pick wood for roof replacement or deck addition because of its ever-changing appearance. There’s a way to preserve its natural look, but its weathered character makes it a sight to behold. While other materials lose their attractiveness under the sun, authentic lumber turns lovelier.

  1. Customizable Beauty

Unlike many window framing options, wood is stainable and paintable. You can easily change its appearance as you please whenever you get tired of its look.

  1. Impressive Durability

Structurally, wood ranks high on the list of building materials. When properly installed, it resists weather damage and continues to protect the home it serves. It may require an occasional roof repair, but it outlives the most popular roofing solution by at least 10 years.

  1. Excellent Insulation

Wood creates an effective thermal and acoustic barrier. It reduces heat transfer to keep your energy costs to a minimum and contributes to noise abatement that lets you enjoy peace and quiet.

  1. Unparalleled Stability

Of all building materials, wood has one of the smallest (if not the smallest) coefficient of expansion. In other words, it stays intact with extreme changes in temperature. Its unmatched rigidity and stiffness allows it to remain structurally sound to prevent air leakage and water infiltration.

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